Journal History

Founded in 2007 as Sociologica – Italian Journal of Sociology online, ISSN 1971-8853, the journal has been published by il Mulino until 2017. Starting from 2018 Sociologica is published by the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna, in partnership with «Associazione culturale Sociologica».

In 2018 the journal changed its subtitle to Sociologica – International Journal for Sociological Debate.

Past Editors


Filippo Barbera (University of Turin) — Maurizio Pisati (University of Milan, Bicocca) — Marco Santoro (University of Bologna).


Anna Carola Freschi (University of Bergamo) — Yuri Kazepov (University of Urbino) — Marco Santoro (University of Bologna).


Matteo Bortolini (University of Padova) — Luigi Pellizzoni (University of Trieste) — Marco Santoro (University of Bologna).


Elena Esposito (University of Modena & Reggio Emilia) — Marco Santoro (University of Bologna). Associate editor David Stark (Columbia University).