The Evolution of Blue-Collar Work in the Fiat Factories. On "The Car Profession" Research


  • Guglielmo Meardi Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence



Work Organization, Automotive Industry, Toyotism, Fordism, Labour Movement, Resistance


This comment reflects on "The Car Profession" research on the background of previous sociological investigations on Fiat factories and with references to parallel international debates. By looking at the historical, industrial relations and organizational aspects, it frames the question of why labour at Fiat appeared more successful in the "domestication" of Fordism than in that of post-Fordism, and outlines some avenues for further research on this question.


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Meardi, G. (2020). The Evolution of Blue-Collar Work in the Fiat Factories. On "The Car Profession" Research. Sociologica, 14(2), 293–298.