Introduction. Disenchanted Prophets: Social Movements between Dissent, Solidarity and Creativity


  • Jonathan Bach Global Studies, The New School
  • Elena Pavan Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento



Social movements, dissent, protest, prefiguration, social innovation


Social movement theory, with its Euro-American focus, struggles to capture the radically divergent imaginaries and claims that accompany current waves of protest. The Special Feature titled “The Many Faces of Protest: Rethinking Collective Action in a World of Dissent” examines select progressive protests and their transformative potential in times of deep uncertainty. In so doing, it helps sociologists and others make sense of how the repertoires, domains of action, and prefigurative capacities of collective action are changing around the world today.


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Bach, J., & Pavan, E. (2023). Introduction. Disenchanted Prophets: Social Movements between Dissent, Solidarity and Creativity. Sociologica, 17(1), 3–8.



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