Choices and Historical Processes: Elisa Reis in Conversation with Luciana de Souza Leão


  • Luciana de Souza Leão Department of Sociology, University of Michigan
  • Elisa P. Reis Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Graduate Program of Sociology and Anthropology (UFRJ/PPGSA)



Political Sociology, Elites, Inequality, Brazil, States


In this interview with Luciana de Souza Leão, her former student, Elisa Reis discusses her intellectual trajectory and how it shaped her research projects and teaching in sociology. Specifically, they talk about Reis’ work in political sociology, sociological theory, elite’s perceptions of poverty and inequality, comparative methodologies, and the current politics of knowledge production in the Global South.


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de Souza Leão, L., & Reis, E. P. (2023). Choices and Historical Processes: Elisa Reis in Conversation with Luciana de Souza Leão. Sociologica, 17(2), 175–186.